Project Aha:  Top 20!

The holidays have not meant it’s a vacation for Project Aha!  The voting continues and we have made it all the way down to our Top 20!

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Aha Traffic Shout Contest Winners

In case you missed the news (though if you read this blog at all it’s hard to miss) the Traffic Shout of the Day contest has ended, and our 15 winners have been named.  Rather than make you scroll back through all the old posts to get a sample of the content, I’ve gone ahead and gathered them all up here for you.

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Aha Traffic Shout Contest Winner (Final) - mjl69

As is the case playoff baseball in the greater Los Angeles area…the ballgame, she is over.  Granted I would have like for the Giants to simply make the playoffs, but the fact that Dodger fans don’t get to celebrate is also nice.

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