Aha Expands in Europe!  The "Governator" should be pleased

Totally forgot to mention last week, but not only have we added more flexibility around selecting supported languages in the app … we also added availability in more App Stores.

Aha was already available in the iTunes and Google Play app stores in the following contries:

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Silly Aha Rolled Out a Deuce-Deuce (aka v2.2)

It seems like I’ve been waiting for years for the day we would release version 2.2 of an app so I could make a Deuce-Deuce reference.  Now I can tip my 40 for Eazy and tell you all about the actual Aha news.

Existing users shouldn’t see any major visual changes, but you should notice better performance on a lot of the internet radio stations, as well as a lot of new stations.  That’s because we’ve rolled out 1,000s of additional AAC stations.

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Aha 2.0 comes to iOS and Android!

More details to come, but I’m here to confirm that the rumors ARE TRUE!  Aha is now available on Android devices.  Along with the recent major update to our iOS app, we are debuting the new design and functionality for Android.

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Hit up the App Store for the latest Aha Update (v1.5.5)

You are probably wondering why your App Store app is rocking the updates badge.  You may be one of those people who likes to ignore it.  Or maybe you wait until it hits double digits.  Or maybe you are like my wife, and after 3 years of using an iPhone you still don’t think that updates matter.

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Aha Radio for iOS4 is almost ready!

As just about all iPhone owners are aware, Apple released a major iOS update to coincide with the release of the new iPhone4.  We tested against it with the SDK, but a playback issue snuck by us and some users have probably noticed that non-podcast content is getting cut off early.  If you are still on iOS 3, or only listen to podcast stations, you have not been impacted.

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