Aha Radio Lineup Change - 5/12/11

For this update we are adding podcasts from a few of my favorite sports personalities, a super station of all CNET shows, a user request for some economics insights.

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Larry Magid podcasts added to Aha Radio

Another station update so soon?  Yes, indeed. Tech journalist, and general tech guru, Larry Magid came by the office this week to talk with Robert about Aha Radio and the current Pioneer head unit integration.  His report ran in yesterday’s CBS: Tech Talk podcast, and can now be heard in the Aha Radio app.

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Aha Radio Lineup Change - 4/01/11

I know what you’re thinking.  It’s been so long since our last station update that this must be an April Fool’s Joke…but I assure you it’s on the level.  And we believe these new additions are worth the wait!

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Aha Radio Lineup Changes - 11/11/10

We’ve been busy taking care of stuff relating to the acquisition by Harman, but I’m excited to announce that we are back with another round of station updates.

This round consists mostly of comedy themed shows, but also has some NPR and NFL flavor.

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Aha Radio Lineup Changes - 9/02/10

After adding a slew of Mix stations last time around, we are back to a mix of individual podcast stations.

By request we are adding additional BBC and NPR programs, expanding the Adam Carolla network presence with two of his sister shows, and adding another show from the folks over at HowStuffWorks.

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Aha Radio Lineup Changes - 8/16/10

Having trouble keeping up on the latest episodes from a few of your favorite podcasts?  Back in February I described how to use the My Feeds station to create a customized station with all of your favorite shows.  We’ve gone a step further and created some special combo stations for you.

We also took this opportunity to add one of my all-time favorite podcasts… The Tony Kornheiser Show (my wife can’t fall asleep without it!).

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