Aha + HondaLink Integration Unveiled

At CES way back in January, Aha announced a contract with Honda, a very exciting milestone for our team.

Today, Aha and Honda shared more details of that partnership as Honda unveiled HondaLinkTM, a new, personalized driving experience that streams a world of information and entertainment to Honda vehicles. The HondaLink system featuring Aha content will first roll out in the all-new 2013 Honda Accord later this year.

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Introducing the all-new Aha Radio for iPhone

Have you ever noticed that radio hasn’t significantly changed over the years? Sure you have fancier displays and clearer sound, but you are still pretty much stuck with whatever the stations want to give you…and on the schedule they decide.

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Leeroy Jenkins invades Aha

Couldn’t resist sharing this awesome shout today.  For anyone who may not understand the context, I’ve included the video that inspired it.  It’s long, but you can skip ahead to about 1:20 if you want (though you’ll regret it). Also, be advised that there is some NSFW language during certain parts of the clip.

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Aha Expands Coverage Support Beyond California

We all know what you’ve been thinking.  Where does (California based) Aha get off only offering road and traffic support to users within the borders of the Golden State?!?!?  I mean who do we think we are anyway!

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Introducing the free Aha app for the iPhone

Have you ever found yourself slowing down in traffic and wished you knew what the drivers around the next bend were seeing out of their windshields? Maybe it’s a field of break lights and you should take that exit you are about to pass, or maybe traffic is moving again ahead and switching to surface streets will end up costing you 20 minutes of time you don’t have.

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