Aha 3.4 is here!  And it comes with voice commands!

Aha Voice Controls
Aha Voice Controls

Aha 3.4 is available in the iTunes App Store today (coming to the Google Play Store later this week), and the release brings arguably one of our most requested features.  Both versions now feature support for voice commands.  Along with that comes support for more m4a formatted files and streams, bringing even more content into the mix.  We've also improved how we handle streaming content to improve playback in spotty coverage areas.  

First up, we have voice controls.  Users can now initiate common commands without having to pick-up the smartphone, making it safer and easier to use in the car.  To trigger the voice controls you can either tap and briefly hold three fingers on the screen, or visit the SETTINGS area and enable the proximity sensor.  Once the proximity sensor is enabled, you can just wave your hand across the smartphone screen and wait for the beep.  

Not only can you PLAY or PAUSE/STOP the current station, you can launch any one of your preset stations by calling them by name.  The system knows the names of your presets, and even supports alternat common pronunciations.  So if you have KROQ FM, you can ask Aha to play "K-R-O-Q" or try the more commonly used name "K-Rock".

Another update involves better support for some m4a formatted audio content.  There have been programs that didn't play reliably on both apps, so we weren't able to include them in our station directory.  This should be resolved now, which means even more content to choose from.

And lastly, we've made some technical improvements around how we download and store certain types of content, which should make it more reliable if you happen to hit an unreliable network connection.  

Be sure to visit the iTunes App Store right away to get the update, and be on the lookout later this week for an update in the Google Play store.


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