Aha takes Traffic Coverage National and Builds in Automatic Voice Sharing with Twitter & Facebook

TweetiePhone Since we first hit the App Store last month, offering traffic coverage support for just a handful of cities, users from around the country have been asking when they could join in on the fun. Well the team has been working feverishly, and I’m delighted to report that today we are going national, with specific emphasis on the top/worse traffic markets. That means that as of today places like LA and Washington DC have most of the major freeways and highways covered whereas a smaller market like Portland (my hometown—no favorites here) has the two major interstates covered. We will continue to add more and more roads to our coverage map each week going forward and anyone can listen today to their city-wide traffic shoutroom to hear what other Aha Shouter’s are reporting about traffic on any road, as well as hear audio versions of all of the INRIX and ClearChannel traffic reports for your city. Many of your were leaving such creative driver rants and caraoke shouts that we wanted to let you share them with people who don’t yet have iPhones. Thus, I’m excited to report that starting today users can automatically and instantly post links to their shouts to their Twitter account or Facebook wall. Now if you need to vent at the driver who just cut you off, all your Facebook friends can hear it before you even make it to the office. With the new Facebook and Twitter integration, we let you customize which types of Shouts go to each. For example, you can send Traffic Shouts to Twitter, but opt to post “road rage” or Caraoke Shouts to Facebook. If you just want to post an update or make a comment for others, you can shout it to your local area shout room and have it also sent to your network of choice. Posts are automatically created and populated with the type of Shout, your current location and speed (just for Traffic Shouts), any text you add during set-up, and most importantly a link to play the Shout. We think this will not only be a lot of fun, but also help promote safer communication and keep peoples’ focus on the road (where it should be). Happy shouting! Robert Acker CEO, Aha Mobile

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