At the Frankfurt Auto Show

It has been a pretty busy week.  Last Thursday we announced a partnership with Slacker to bring their personalized radio service into cars via Aha (check out the coverage here). This week we’ve been demoing Aha in Harman’s booth at the biannual Frankfurt Auto Show. We’ve been showing some of our upcoming content, including Slacker, radio stations, hundreds of new podcasts, and audio books, accessing them through a new Ferrari radio. Harman, Aha (background), and Ferrari look good together The show itself is amazing, dwarfing all other auto shows in size. BMW has one entire hall to itself with an elevated roadway built around the top of their booth with cars driving on it. Most car companies are showing at least one all electric or hybrid concept car and there are lots of very cool designs. The first two days on Tuesday and Wednesday were only open to the press and exhibitors and Tuesday especially seemed to be the day that senior executives from the auto industry made the rounds. If was an amazing opportunity to demonstrate Aha to chairmen, heads of purchasing, top infotainment execs, and other senior people from major car companies world-wide. I also learned that I’ve been buying inferior cars my entire life since they weren’t painted with squirrel hair brushes. (See the photo below.) I can’t figure out if they have squirrel shavers, find the squirrels on the road (in the English countryside of course), or raise them to make brushes… Many squirrels died to bring us this car... (see sign above car) Back on a serious note, we have come a long way in our first full year as part of Harman, and are very much looking forward to building on this momentum in year two. Thanks to everyone who is joining us for the ride. Robert GM, Aha Radio - Harman

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