Introducing the all-new Aha Radio for iPhone

Have you ever noticed that radio hasn’t significantly changed over the years? Sure you have fancier displays and clearer sound, but you are still pretty much stuck with whatever the stations want to give you…and on the schedule they decide. Satellite gives you the benefit of much more choice, but even with over a hundred stations, there still isn’t one optimized just for you or with content available on demand when you want it. Before Aha, if you wanted to hear a traffic report about where you are you would have had to pick a channel and wait for a city-wide report to in most cases hear about traffic everywhere else but in front of you. Or maybe you wanted to listen to the latest version of your favorite podcasts, and realized it had been two weeks since you had synched. (And what was the purpose of hourly update podcasts?) Now with Aha you can have an instant personal traffic report, hear the very latest podcasts, and still be able to switch over for some personalized recommendations for lunch.  And what about those times you just have to hear the latest from your high school or college friends on Facebook or the latest celebrity Tweets? (OK, probably never, but it is still entertaining.) Traditional radio just can’t provide that on-demand combination of traffic, community, and web content...all in one place. Enter the all-new Aha Radio app for iPhone (now available as a free download from the App Store – HINT HINT). Since launching our first App last fall, we’ve been iterating on the user experience with a focus on driver safety and believe an audio, radio-like interface is the optimal approach. Aha Radio answers drivers’ important questions, such as “why do I all of a sudden see break lights in front of me?” and entertains them with everything from Facebook updates to their favorite podcasts. With Aha Radio, the things you want to know while driving are read aloud and organized like pre-set, on-demand, radio stations, letting you listen in while keeping your eyes on the road. Aha’s station line-up will keep growing every month, but right out of the gate we have over 50 stations including (you’ll have to again forgive the transition to marketing/sales speak here):
  • Nearby Traffic:  Wondering what traffic is like two miles up the road, at the next exit or on an approaching highway? Nearby Traffic gives you an instant traffic report based on your current location. Aha creates this report using data from best-in-class third party traffic providers Inrix and Clear Channel, and from voice notes left by other drivers near you. Tap the microphone icon to share a 15-second “Shout” about the road you’re on and help other drivers nearby.
  • My Traffic:  During your first-time set up, use Settings to tell Aha which roads you care about, such as your daily commute, then tap the My Traffic button to get an instant traffic report on those specific roads.
  • Facebook:  Tempted to check Facebook while you’re in traffic? Unsafe! Tap your Facebook station and Aha will read aloud your friend’s status updates. Aha filters out game updates, media item posts, and long Web addresses so you can just hear what your friends are up to. You can even post an Aha voice note to your wall for friends to hear.
  • Community Stations, or “the new CB Radio”:  Bored in traffic and want to let loose your inner Idol? Tune into the “Caraoke” station to hear your fellow drivers sing along to the radio, then tap the mic and leave your own song clip for the whole world to hear. Or, tune into the “Jokes,” “Rants,” or other community stations for a laugh.
  • Twitter Lists:  Want to keep track of what sports stars, TV show actors, or other celebrities are tweeting? Just select their Twitter station in Aha and hear their latest updates read to you.
  • Hungry:  Want to stop for a bite to eat? The “Hungry” channel tells you about restaurants you might like that are coming up ahead. Only want to hear about sushi restaurants with average Yelp reviews of four stars or more? Do your kids like specific chains? Aha pre-filters the results based on your preferences, prioritizes them based on proximity to you, and describes their location so you can tell where they are. Tap the phone or map icon to put in a call or get a route.
  • Podcasts:  Aha Radio gives you one-touch access to the current version of popular podcasts like Fox News’ hourly updates and NPR’s “This American Life” so drivers can get instant access, without having to sync their device. See break lights up ahead while listening? With one touch, interrupt your podcast to get a live traffic report, then continue listening to the podcast where you left off.
Aha Radio gives you lots of choices, but most importantly it is tailored for you, and with an interface that’s designed to minimize distraction while you are behind the wheel. Check out our new intro video to learn more, and have a safe and entertaining drive!   Robert Acker CEO, Aha Mobile

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