Project Aha! A Music Competition Brought to You by

What is Project Aha! you ask?  Well, please allow me to tell you all about it.  Aha brings artists together and gives users a chance to vote on their favorites.  

Each week we will be eliminating the bottom vote getters from the previous week's voting.  This will continue until we crown a winner.

And this contest isn't just for the artists...listeners can win prizes too. Aha will be giving out headphones, speakers, and other prizes.  And if you have an integrated car stereo system from Scion or Subaru, there are even more chances to win.

If you want to add the Project Aha station, simply tap the hamburger stack (triple hash) button on the top left of the screen, visit the Add a station option in the slide-out menu, and look for Project Aha at the top of the list.  Add it as a preset...and enjoy (new users will have it automatically).  We will tabulate votes each week and weed out the lowest vote getters.  In 10 weeks we will crown the first ever Project Aha! winner.  So be sure to listen to the station, and check back often to see how it's going.  You should vote again each week!

100 Miles Gone The Daughters of Davis Love and a .38 The Royal
Abandoning Sunday Dead Social Club Luke Davids Savannah
AFD The Die Nasties MA-TE-LIN Seabird
Agnia The Dirty Pearls Makari The Soonest
The Animation Edddie Gomez Marissa Burns Sophi
Anything Like Me The Escape My Goodness Stamps
Aunt Martha Fingertips Natalia Super Black Market
Avaberee Fall Prey Neil Alday T.Riley
Await Rescue The Gentlemen Thieves Nervous Nellie Taylor Centers
Barely Blind Gina Cutillo No Sleep For Lucy Thepedalstills
The Belligerents The Glorious Animals Northridge Thomas Fiss
Blacklist Royals The Goodnight Oaklynn Tiger Bell
The Black Clouds Goodnight Lois Oh My Heart Time Will Tell
The Black Lullaby The Great American Canyon Band The Peach Kings The Toobes
Bonaventure High Diamond Phoenix Drive Tourism
The Bourgeois High Society Popular Giants Ufa Ruth
Bronze Radio Return Hobart Ocean Pullman Standard The Vantage
The Capsules Indevotion The Quiet Call Waking Heroes
Choirs Johnny Bee RadioDriveBy The Weekend Hustler
Christian Gaudet Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground Rare Monk The Well Pennies
Cigar Box Opera Kayla Stockert Ratham Stone Wesley Jensen
Colton And Zara Kayla Taylor Ringer T Wildlife Control
Coyote Theory Kid Runner Roenik The Williamsboy and Company
Craig Wayne Boyd The Lately The Romantic Era The Wiser
Cub Scouts Like the Movies Roy Mackonkey Zak Waters

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