Privacy Policy

Last Updated: 10/28/2013

Privacy Policy - Summary

This Policy, contains Harman International Industries, Incorporated's ("us", "we" or "Harman") policies regarding the collection, use and sharing of information we may receive from you as you use any of our electronic device applications and related services ("Applications") or this web site ("Aha Site"). To help you understand our Policy, we have provided a short description below – this is not a complete statement of our entire Policy, and we encourage you to read the entire Policy, as this is an important document that affects how your information is collected and used. We may update this Policy from time to time, and it is your responsibility to review this Policy from time to time to become aware of any changes.


  • We do not share your contact information with third parties for those parties' direct marketing purposes without your permission.
  • We collect information that you provide us, such as information that you may provide while opening an Application account. We also collect information from your use of our Applications or the Aha Site, such as what music you like listening to, and what goods and services you may show interest in.
  • We may collect information about your location to provide core functions our service provides such as traffic incidents or local cuisine. You may prevent your precise location information from being collected by us at any time by turning off your device's location-tracking functionality.
  • We may receive and collect information from third parties who integrate their own services into any of the Applications or the Aha Site, so that you may access the third party services using your Application log-in information or vice-versa.
  • We may allow certain third parties, such as car manufacturers or electronic consumer device manufacturers, to integrate components of our Applications into their own electronic devices and software. These third parties will use the Aha platform to access your information to facilitate our services on their device or software. They may elect to collect or use your information using our platform without our knowledge. These third parties are separately responsible for their own privacy policies and practices. In addition, we may collect information about these third party devices and/or software that you use to help us provide core functions of our Applications.
  • Any information that we may collect about you (including information relating to your location, gender, age and use of our Applications) may be stored, analyzed and used by us to enhance our ability to provide our core services and to better deliver targeted product and service offers to you. We will not share personal information to third parties for those third parties' direct marketing purposes without your permission.
  • The Application may allow you to record your voice or other audio for others to hear. This information is publicly available. Also, some third party services available through the Application such as Facebook and Twitter may make the information you provide public.
  • We may send you messages highlighting interesting services and promotional offers, or when you interact or respond to any advertising on the Aha platform. You may opt out of receiving these messages during registration of your account or, where applicable, unsubscribing using the instructions provided in the message.
  • We currently do not collect credit or debit card information. In the future, we may provide premium add-on services that require payment. Our policies will adjust at that time, and we will continue to manage your data as described in the section "How We Secure Your Information".

Privacy Policy - Full Policy
We recognize the importance of your privacy. We strive to manage your information based on this importance, as well as our commitment to providing you the best service possible. This policy describes:

  • How we collect and keep your personal information.
  • How your information is used.
  • What we do to protect your information.
  • How we share your information.
  • What choices you have regarding your information.

Information We Collect
In general, our purpose for collecting and keeping information, using the several methods below, is to allow the Applications and the Aha Site to work correctly, enhance recommendations we make to you, to evaluate use of the Applications or the Aha Site, and to support analytics of the Application, the Aha Site or marketing campaigns.

Information You Give Us
The personal information we collect and keep may include your name, age (or birth date), gender, email, physical address, and phone numbers. We collect personal information from you in a variety of ways when you interact with any of the Applications or the Aha Site. For example, we collect personal information when you:

Information from Other Parties 
We may collect and keep information about you from other sources as well. Examples of these sources are:

Automated Information Collection 
We collect and keep information when you interact with any of the Applications, the Aha Site, emails or other messages. Some examples include:

Third Parties Using the Aha Platform 
Because we may allow certain third parties, such as car manufacturers or electronic consumer device manufacturers, to integrate our Aha platform into their own electronic devices or software, these third parties may be accessing, collecting or using your information using our platform without our knowledge. We cannot control how these third parties access, collect or use any information they might collect from you. When these third parties share any information with us, we shall treat such information in accordance with this Policy. However, we take no responsibility for these third parties' privacy policies and practices, and we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the separate privacy policies of these third parties. Information collected from these third parties relate to the system that is being used to access the Applications, such as information that uniquely identifies that system or the make, model, and version of the system being used. One of the primary reasons we collect this information is to deliver a customized experience for the particular electronic device you are using, including recalling preferences you have for using that device.

  • Create an account either through any of the Applications or the Aha Site.
  • Sign-up to our mailing list.
  • Save or bookmark content or other information for you to refer to later.
  • Provide your rating on content or other information.
  • Participate in a contest, survey or promotion on, through or about any of the Applications or the Aha Site.
  • Conduct a transaction through any of the Applications or the Aha Site.
  • Contact us for customer service or support.
  • Submit a recording or other user-generated content that may be publicly posted.
  • Provide information about others or refer a friend to a particular site or service.
  • Service partners and advertisers that make their content available on or through the Applications.
  • Service partners (such as car manufacturers or electronic consumer device manufacturers) through whom we allow users to access any of the Applications or the Aha Site.
  • Marketing companies that create marketing lists or offer other marketing data, such as your past purchases, location, online activities, educational level or homeownership status.
  • Applications that help prevent or detect fraud, or consumer reporting agencies or other service providers if you procure certain services.
  • You may be able to link your accounts with third party services like Facebook* or Slacker* to your Application account, in which case we may receive, collect and store information from your third party service account. We have no control over how any third party services may use, collect or share your information.
  • We also collect your email address when people you know share a station with you, but we will not add your name to any of our mailing lists as a result of this feature.
  • We may collect information on how you use any of the Applications, to drive feature improvement and development, as well as to better deliver targeted product and service offers. This may include collecting information regarding your use of any content (including any advertising) available through any of the Applications. For example, we may keep track of which stations you listened to, for how long, when you started and stopped listening, what content was playing when you started and stopped listening, etc.
  • We may collect information regarding your use of coupons, promotional codes, and other advertising-based content.
  • We may collect your device's real time or compiled geographical information to provide you with driving direction, mapping, traffic reporting and similar services. We may also use geographical information to recommend services or establishments near your location (and inform you of any ongoing promotions or service/product offers), as well as to evaluate any products or services (of ours or third parties') you may be interested in.
  • We may collect technical information such as your device's operating system, device make and model, your browser type and version, your internet protocol ("IP") address, the address of a referring website, and the path you take through any of the Applications or our Aha Site. We also may collect this type of information from devices that communicate with our service, such as an automotive system. Third parties whose services are accessible through the any of the Applications may also collect such information, and we have no responsibility for such use. If using a mobile or other device, we may collect a unique device identifier assigned to that device or other transactional information for that device. We may correlate your IP address information with information we receive from third parties or information that may be publicly available. The information we find based on your IP Address can include where your ISP is serving this IP address from. We can infer your general location (normally state and country, but perhaps even your city and zip code) from this information.
  • We may use tracking technology such as a "cookie" which is a small text file that a website or email may save to your browser and store on your device. We use other tracking technologies to provide an enhanced user experience for the Applications and the Aha Site. You can choose to have your computer warn you each time a cookie is being sent or you can choose to turn off all cookies. You do this through your web browser settings. If you turn cookies off, you won't have access to many features that make your site experience more efficient and some of our services will not function properly. You may also delete cookies from your computer. Third parties whose services are accessible through the Applications may also use cookies or other tracking technologies, and we have no responsibility for such use.
  • Third party service partners or advertisers may place or recognize tracking technology on your browser or device to collect information about your visits to any of the Applications, and we have no responsibility for such information.

How We Use Your Information
We use your information to offer and provide you our services and third party products, promotions or services. Our use of your information may include storing and analyzing your information, whether individually or aggregated with the information of other users. We may also use your information for internal business processes, marketing, authentication, loss and fraud prevention, public safety and legal purposes. Some examples include:

How We Share Your Information
Unless you give your consent, we will not share your contact information with third parties for those parties' direct marketing purposes, but, in order to continually improve our service offerings, we may share your information with our business partners in connection with any of the Applications. For example we may share:

How You Can Control Your Information

How We Secure Your Information
Harman uses numerous technological security measures to preserve the security of your information, including without limitation, encryption technologies and authentication tools. Your personal information is contained behind secure networks and is only accessible to a limited number of persons who have a need to access your personal information for purposes of managing the Applications. Please be aware that no electronic data transmission can be 100% secure. We recommend that you take all reasonable measures to protect the same, including using alternative login names, passwords and other non-personal identifying information which differs from the information you use to access sensitive accounts.

  • To register and service your account.
  • To fulfill your requests for products, promotions and services offered by us or third parties.
  • To evaluate what products and services you may prefer or be interested in, and to send you advertising corresponding to those preferences.
  • To administer surveys, contests, and promotions.
  • To provide customer service and alert you to changes to the Aha Site and the Applications.
  • To help us calibrate and customize our service offerings, websites, and advertising.
  • To send you information (via email or other methods) about products, services, and promotions offered by us or third parties.
  • To protect the security or integrity of the Aha Site, the Applications and our business.
  • To comply with any applicable law or regulation.
  • To create new and improved features and services.
  • Information that is needed by or useful to the entities who provide specialized services on our behalf, such as sweepstakes management and prize fulfillment, data processing, customer/support services and other products, promotions or services that we choose to make available to our users.
  • Your age gender and/or location information, along with non-personal information, which may be shared with advertising networks, consumer data aggregators, content providers, or partner retailers/resellers to help us determine what content or advertising you may be interested in. We will not provide these third parties with your contact information, or otherwise allow them to contact you directly, unless you give your consent.
  • Your registration data, third party content usage information and IP address, when you access third party content or services through any of the Applications or the Aha Site. When you use these features or services, you grant us permission to share your registration information and how you use the third party content with that third party service provider. Such third parties may have different privacy and data security policies and practices, and we take no responsibility for those policies and practices, so we encourage you to review them.
  • When you access third party content or services available through any of the Applications or the Aha Site that do not require registration, you grant us permission to share anonymous information that describes how you use the third party content. Third party publishers often make their content available for free to users and supplement their costs with advertising. In many cases, we are required to report this information to facilitate revenue based on providing this content. • We may share your information in connection with a merger between Harman and another entity, or in the event of a transfer of all or some of our assets to another company.
  • We may share your information in order to: (i) protect or defend the legal rights or property of Harman, and those of our business partners, employees, agents and contractors (including enforcement of our agreements); (ii) protect the safety and security of Application users or members of the public including acting in urgent circumstances; (iii) protect against fraud or risk management purposes; or (iv) comply with the law or legal process.
  • We may de-personalize your information, compile it with other users' information, and share it an aggregated basis with third parties, advertisers and/or business partners in order to analyze Application usage and trends, or for other similar purposes. We may also use and share non-personal information, such as general demographic or location information, or information about the computer or device from which you access the Applications.
  • We may disclose your information in other special circumstances. These include situations when disclosure is necessary to protect the health, safety, property, or other rights of Harman, our customers, our employees, or any other person, or where otherwise required by law. We may provide your personal information in response to a search warrant or other legally valid inquiry or order, or to an investigative body as required by applicable law.
  • We also share anonymous position info for the purpose of improving traffic information with traffic information service providers we partner with and may share with other traffic content providers.
  • We may use or share any information we obtain from you or your use of third party services like Facebook* or Slacker* that are linked to your Application account, in the course of your posting any of your user-generated content on the Application.
  • To change your account profile, sign in to your account, select the settings menu for a list of options.
  • To change your privacy settings, sign into your account, select "Edit Presets" and remove any stations that you do not wish to provide public recordings for (such as "Caraoke" or "Jokes"). Any recordings that you had previously submitted could remain public. Alternatively, you can simply avoid making recordings for these stations. Follow the same instructions for any other station that accepts information that would be posted in a public way (Facebook, Personal Twitter, Traffic, etc).
  • To opt-out of any email notifications you may opt out during registration of your account or unsubscribe using the instructions provided in the email. As other types of notifications are made available, you may opt out of these notifications by entering the settings menu in the Applications.
  • To stop the collection of your precise location-based information, you must deactivate your device's location-tracking functionalities. In instances where location-based information may also be provided to our Applications through the connection of your device (such as a smart phone) to another third party device (such as an automotive system), you may have to disconnect your device from such third party devices to stop the collection of such information, or otherwise disable the location tracking function of such third party device in accordance with any instructions provided by the manufacturer of such device.

Transferring Your Information Overseas 
Harman manages its websites and the Applications from the United States. Harman may transfer your information to service providers located outside of the United States. Harman acknowledges that the data protection laws and other laws of the United States may not be as comprehensive as those of other countries or territories, and Harman will take steps to ensure that your privacy rights are respected.

Children's Privacy 
We respect the privacy of children. Neither the Applications nor our website are designed to attract an audience younger than 13. We do not knowingly collect personal information from children under 13. Please contact us using the contact details below if you believe we may have collected information from your child, and we will work to delete it.

Your California Privacy Rights 
Under California laws, California residents can request information from Harman whether Harman has disclosed a person's personal information to any third parties for the third parties' direct marketing purposes. Harman will not share your personal information with non-Harman companies for their direct marketing purposes without your consent. California residents desiring to request further information about our compliance with these laws or have questions or concerns about our privacy practices and policies are welcome to contact us using the contact information below.

Advertising and Promotions 
Harman may conduct, either by itself or with or through other parties, promotional or advertising campaigns on any of the Services. Your personal information may be collected if you interact with such advertising. The advertisements or promotions that you see when accessing the Services may be from the servers of those advertising companies, and you may be contextually or geographically targeted. You hereby agree that we and/or such third parties who conduct promotional or advertising campaigns on the Services may contact you (via email or otherwise) from time to time to provide you with information or materials regarding such advertising or promotions. If you perform the action that you are prompted to perform in the advertisement (e.g. "click on the thumbs up icon"), you are requesting Harman or the third party advertiser to contact you (via email or otherwise) to provide you with information, goods, materials or services, and any Harman (or advertiser) messages sent in response will be deemed as necessary to facilitate or complete the transaction that you requested. You acknowledge that the Services are just the medium for such advertising or promotions, and you agree we are not responsible and have no liability whatsoever for any content of said advertisements or promotions, including any offers, deals, discounts, products or services related thereto.

Questions and Feedback 
We welcome your questions, comments, and concerns about privacy. Please send us any and all feedback pertaining to privacy, or any other issue.

Notice and Contact Information
For questions or concerns, please email us or contact us at:

Harman International Industries, Incorporated 
394 University Ave. 
Palo Alto, CA 94301 
United States

Terms of Use 
Please also visit our terms of use section that explains other terms governing the use of the Applications and the Aha Site.

*Facebook and Slacker and third party trademarks used under license from their respective trademark